Our Billing Philosophy


No set of policy documents can cover every situation, but the following information is generally how we see the work that we do and the manner in which we'll invoice it.


General Billing Philosophy

Time that we expend on your organization's behalf is billable. This includes phone calls, email, research, documentation, equipment acquisition, meetings, travel, troubleshooting, scheduling, and travel. It also may include time spent on tasks for your organization that are not listed above, though typical billing inquiries are specifically not-billable.


After Hours Service Rates

For our contract labor clients, there is no up-charge for after-hours emergency service.


Billing Increments

For contract labor clients, we bill in 15 minute increments. Otherwise, we bill in half-hour increments. These increments are per-issue, per-person, per-day.


Training & Knowledge Transfer

We're a bespoke IT service organization, and as such, do not provide administrative training of any kind to individuals outside of our organization, including our clients. Administrative training (i.e., not user training) is not included in an service agreement or other arrangement unless explicitly specified. 


Hardware, Software, & Other Equipment

Hardware, software, and other equipment is not included in service agreements. Any equipment or software purchased on behalf of an organization will be invoiced separately and is due within 10 days. Because of our no-markup policy, we invoice for such purchases on order, not on delivery.


Early Termination

Labor rate discounts are based on the term length and number of hours in the agreement. If the client wishes to terminate the contract early, the client agrees to provide 30 days written notice. Early termination also negates any discounts and the client agrees to pay the difference between the agreement rate and our standard rate for all hours in the agreement.