Finding TeamViewer on your computer

We use TeamView for in order to provide remote support. It lets us see what's on your screen and control the mouse & keyboard. It's really invaluable for us and dramatically shortens the time necessary for us to resolve your issue, often saving a trip on site. You just give us the 9 digit "Partner ID" and we can start helping.

One small challenge we often face is that TeamViewer may be running, but it's hard to locate, and thus you might be unable to find that all-important 9 digit number.

Here are a few pictures and steps you can take that might help you help us so we can help you. ;)

If TeamViewer is running, it'll be down in the "system tray", which is what Windows calls the place where the little icons live down my the clock, usually in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

The TeamViewer icon is a little blue box with a white circle, and looks like this:

Despite all your looking, though, you may not immediately see it, because Windows likes to hide icons that it thinks you don't need to see all the time. TeamViewer is one of those programs, so your TeamViewer might be running but your system tray looks like this:

No TeamViewer icon visible, is there? However, that little "up" arrow (sometimes is a "left" arrow, in some versions of Windows) on the left tells us that Windows has more icons to show, and clicking it reveals this:

There's what we're looking for!!

If you double-click the icon, you'll get a window with a the "Your ID" that we're looking for. Just give us that 9 digit number and we'll usually be able to help right away.