Testing & User Acceptance

One of the things that drive us crazy is when a vendor says something like "OK - it's all fixed!!", then we try it and it doesn't work. Clearly, the person doing the work didn't actually take the time to test the work they performed. We think it implies a carelessness, too. Either way, this experience makes us sad. :(

At Exigent we really, desperately try to make our clients happy, and one of the ways we do that is by:

  1. testing the work we do, to see that it's working properly, or as intended
  2. have you test and confirm it's working to your satisfaction or expectations

These are both important steps in the support process.

Regarding step number one, because we often work remotely, depending on the work being performed, the amount of testing we can do is limited. Setting up a new printer for example: we really don't consider the work complete until we actually print something and see that it printed correctly. That's pretty hard to do from two-hundred miles away. :)

Step number two is just as important. There are often things that you'll want done, and we'd like to do them for you, but that didn't get communicated to us. Having you test it for yourself let's us discover those things that maybe weren't initially stated.

We don't like to just assume things are correct once we finish our work; it's something we internally deride as "IT hubris". No one is so good at what they do that testing isn't necessary, so while we check our work, we're going to ask you to check our work to. We really, really appreciate it when you're to test and confirm the changes we make when you have a moment. We leave issues (tickets) set to "Pending" to give you time to do this and let us know that we got it right. :)