More scam emails

Here are a few scam emails, each making an attempt to infect you with malware but in different ways.

Example 1:

This one is pretty legitimate looking, other than the fact that I have no relationship with Lloyds Commercial Banking. 

Do note the following:

  1. The "From:" address has been spoofed (faked) and appears legitimate. Remember: falsifying the "From:" address on an email is trivial to do. It's in no way trustworthy.
  2. The message appears to be a forward. Clever. It lends to the message's credibility.
  3. Here's where our filter removed the malware and replaced it with a notice that a potentially dangerous attachment was removed.
  4. Bad grammar. A common feature of scammy emails.
  5. This one I point out just because I laughed a little when I read it. Remember: just because someone says it, even in email, doesn't mean it's true. :)

Here's another:

I should point out the FedEx logo isn't even correct, but there are more telling signs.

  1. The "From:" address isn't even in the domain!
  2. Bad grammar.
  3. This is the URL the "Get Shipment Label" would take you to. Do you think "" is a domain FedEx would use? I don't. 

Clicking that link downloads a .zip file containing malware, for those of you that were curious. Our email filter can't stop malicious downloads, only attachments, so be safe and don't click on suspicious links. :)