VoIP Consulting

VoIP Consulting

Along with other services including general IT consulting and private cloud services, Exigent has been helping businesses make the jump to VoIP since 2008. We employ network engineers and quality experts to help you get the most out of what VoIP has to offer.

Most clients see substantial monthly phone bill savings, and enjoy numerous features including:

  • remote phone capability
  • fax-over-VoIP
  • voicemail-to-email
  • open-standard interoperability
  • a single shared internet connection
  • softphones & mobile apps
  • ... and many more.


Exigent also offers features most VoIP consulting firms simply won't touch, including failover, quality monitoring, and high-availability configurations.

Getting VoIP right, especially quality issues, isn't as easy as some glossy brochures. If you're considering VoIP, we'd love to chat about your goals and concerns. Feel free to contact us!

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