What Makes Exigent Special


Exigent clients and staff all inevitably make the same comment at some point, that they're "never encountered a company like Exigent". Here are some things that make us unique:


Bespoke, Which Means "Just For You"

Other IT service firms need to get your company's IT setup to fit their model, using software and hardware their staff is comfortable with. It's the only way they can support their staffing & billing model. You'll rarely find a willingness to support your company's custom software or industry-specific application, or a IT firm that is glad to support the hardware & software you have now, from day 1 to day 1000. And because we're not resellers (see below), there's no profit-motive for us to try and sell you anything. If you're happy where your company's technology is, so are we.

Exigent will happily support your one-off software, unusual configuration, special needs, and custom integrations. It's no problem for us, and we don't like being told "can't help you, sorry", and we're guessing you don't either.

Need someone to further extend your applications customizations or reporting? It's no trouble; we do it all the time.


Deep Technical Expertise

The very best doctors are those that actually further the advancement of the field they practice in. We think they best technical staff do the same thing. What would it be like to have your company supported by experts like that? With Exigent, you can find out.

Dustin Hoffman, Senior Engineer, presented original research at the technical security conference DEFCON in 2012 and 2014.

2012 Video

2014 Speaker's Listing

Thomas Kinsey, Senior Engineer, presented original research at the technical security conference DEFCON in 2014

2014 Speaker's Listing


Experienced Staff; A Team of Specialists

You won't find entry-level staff at Exigent. Most IT firms are organized to direct most of the work to the least-possible skilled employee, and employ just a few experienced staff. 

Exigent doesn't hire entry-level staff, because our mission of providing bespoke, high-touch IT services and support doesn't support it, and honestly, no one wants to work with level 1. 


No Markup, Because We're Not Resellers

We're not resellers. For anything, or anyone. We never have been, and never will be. Ever.

Thus, you can be certain that in the event we recommend a particular product, it's because we really like it, not because there's money in it for us. We'd rather have your trust that a few points of margin.

This also let's our staff focus on what we love to do: helping our clients, instead of making a sale.


Simple, Fair Billing

One negotiated rate for all our support, regardless of billed in small increments. That's it. There's typically no up-charge for after-hours or weekend work. 

Plus, Exigent has no quotas or incentives for our staff to bill work. We think it creates a perverse incentive where our clients ultimately lose, so we've never, ever, had such a system.

You may also with to read our complete billing philosophy.