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Delivering exceptional technology services since 2005

Serving clients across the Western U.S. and centrally located in Southern California, Exigent Systems Inc. has been providing superior IT services and skills for commercial, non-profit, educational, and government organizations for 14 years. Whether it be demanding, 24/7 operational environments, seemingly intractable performance problems, failing tech projects, IT leadership issues in complex organizations, or excellence in the everyday delivery of information technology, our firm has demonstrated success in the most difficult of situations.

Our staff has been practicing IT since before the dot-com boom and delivered original research on a variety of security topics. We’re on the pulse of technology and business alignment and bring our extensive experience to organizations seeking to elevate their technology processes and operations.

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Our Typical Engagements

IT staff & managed services

The world of technology is ever growing and evolving, and finding, developing, and retaining the very best personnel is more difficult than ever. We excel at this and can provide a complete IT operations and support staff to your organization, looking after all the details.

compliance & GAP ANALYSIS

HIPAA? PCI? SOX? NIST? We’re fluent in all of these. We not only assess and identify the areas where your current policies or operations fall short, our firm can provide remediation and bring your organization back into compliance.

on-demand support

Having specialized skills or fast turnaround support available can be a game changer in any industry. Our clients rave about our unmatched response times and access to friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable staff. 

strategic planning & cio services

For organizations of almost any size IT planning is a must, and having access to a a CIO on an as-needed basis provides enterprise experience and perspective to groups that otherwise wouldn’t be able to benefit.

project turnaround & delivery

Statistically, technology projects have a success rate of less than 20%. When delivery of your high value or visibility project is in question, we can provide the experience, staff, and leadership necessary for effective turnaround.


IT is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but the rules can seem convoluted and vague at best. Protecting your organization’s data and security concerns is an on-going concern that we’ve been looking after since day 1.


... the inability to realize value from IT investments is, in part, due to the lack of alignment between the business and IT strategies of organizations.
— Henderson, 1993


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